Amazing Space: Coventry

With so many unusual and beautiful trade pitches we are so relieved that the final decision for awarding the 'amazing space' is chosen by our visitors. At the launch of our Coventry event based at Xcel our worthy winners were twins Jan and Sue who first began trading at events six years ago as they had 'too much stuff cluttering their homes', however they just can't stop buying and love to attend events as it's a lovely break from their 'day jobs'.

As usual our winners answers a few questions to enable us to get to know a little more about them....

Favourite piece of stock:

Jan: It would have to be a vintage disnet bambi

Sue: A beautiful American 1950's ceramic ladies head with hat

Strangest piece of stock:

The children's gas masks which sold surprisingly quickly. Items such as this must hold many memories and secrets, we would love to have a little information of the history of these sorts of items and we always respectfully handle them with the care and attention that they deserve.

Who they would like to be stranded with on a desert island and the music they would you listen to:

As twins we would obviously want to be together however we do have slightly different taste in music!

Jan: With quite an odd taste in music I would listen to: Tainted Love, Time in a bottle, At 17 and I want a hippo for Christmas!

Sue: I would prefer hard road to travel on, i'm not in love, what do you want to make those eyes at me for and she wore blue velvet.

Jan and Sue will be with us at our 'Hodson Hall' event in Loughborough on Sunday 11th March.

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