Amazing Space: Hood Park

New Years Day saw the launch of our 'Amazing Space' award.

To recognise the hard work of our traders and to say a huge thank you for making our events so appealing we award the most popular 'amazing space' at each of our fairs. Thankfully this is judged by a member of the public as I would find it far too hard to choose just one!

The winner of our New Years Day event: Jan Pulford of Centurion Antiques first began trading in 1988. With masses of experience within the antique industry Jan has accumulated a vast range of stock over the years citing a 'bronze bear hall stand' as her favourite piece along with 'Victorian antelope foot candle sticks' as the strangest piece to date!

Whilst Jan has had many famous faces including Kate Middleton, Bob Geldolf and Christopher Biggins interested in her quirky finds, she is thrilled that fair visitors take home items for their personal collection.

As part of our amazing space award, our winner receives a bottle of wine in exchange for answering a couple of questions which proves that we have other interests apart from antiques!.....In response to who Jan would like to be stranded on a desert island with she chose her Husband Steve stating that they would listen to the beautiful song 'Stairway to Heaven'. In response to who Jan would like to be for a day she chose Jerry Hall as she is so glamorous and interesting although she would pass on her choice of partner, Rupert Murdoch!

New Years Day was, as always a great event and I really struggled to take great shots of Jan's stock without visitors being in the picture, however I did manage to grab a couple which shows how Jan's eye for a quirky find deserved to be awarded.

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