So does size really matter?

Since our move from 'The City' to North Wales we have succumbed to the prospect of having to travel 'across the border' in our quest to find those big car boot sales that completely overtake your Sunday mornings. you know the go to bed Saturday evening leaving your Husband on the sofa snoring in front of Match of the Day; pull the duvet snugly into a cocoon whilst silently repeating over and over in your head "I am not getting up early". 6am sharp the Husband is throwing clothes on whilst hollering something along the lines of "have you got any change?" or "where are the plastic bags?" and always "got to get there early else we will miss the bargains".

Rather than drive anything over 70 miles (yes really) we headed off to our 'local' car boot sale held at Porthmadog. With around 15 eager car booters I know that with a bit of luck it should take us all of ten minutes to do the circuit then we can head down to the beach and do what 'normal' people do and enjoy ourselves.

Now after all these years I have learnt that tell tale sign when the Husband has spotted his latest 'must have'. He digs short arms into long pockets and tries (but fails) to look only a little bit interested because apparently "if they know you want it they will put the price up".

His latest 'must have' was still stuck on the back of a trailer. Following a short conversation, something along the lines of "go on then, for £12 I will take it off your hands, no idea what I will do with it, can you give me a hand to put it in my boot?"

For £12 we gained this beauty! Orignally we brought it to make it in to a table but after spraying a whole can of WD40 all over it, we now have a fully working washing mangle complete with all the original bits and bobs.

So does size matter? it seems that even the smallest car boots can unearth amazing bargains!

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