How prepared are you for your first auction?

This week my Husband suggested popping along to our local auction, living in North Wales, 'local' is actually a hours drive. I had briefly mentioned to our Daughter that we would be out for a couple of hours, which actually transpired to be a mere eight (and that is only because we left before the end).

Having never been to an auction I had a quick cuppa before throwing my coat on and heading out in what I can only describe as the sort of weather ducks pray for.

Did I know what to expect? Nope. Not at all. My first thoughts were that my choice of outfit really did not suit the environment. Watching the regulars streaming into the cattle market fully kitted out in wellies and clutching rugs should have alerted me to the fact that this was going to be one long and cold day. Have to admit I was just a little envious of those who had prepared for their day trip by bringing along a flask and pack-up with their wallets.

Talking of money, I knew I had a £20 note in my purse and didn't really anticipate needing this for anything other than a hot drink. How wrong was I?

My first mistake was gazing briefly at the items for sale. Mounds of boxes filled with items that either (a) I didn't need or (b) I was not going to want were being attacked by my fellow auction visitors. My second mistake occurred as soon as the bidding started. It seems that 'A and B' were going to be proved wrong!

From the get go I totally and utterly threw myself into the auction. The speed of the auctioneer coupled with the raising arms waving their numbers just swept me up. WOW I loved it! By lot number 180 of 857 I was the proud owner of numerous boxes of stuff that I am now wondering what to do with!

A couple of bits of furniture had caught my eye which all had lot numbers in the 800's.. was it worth hanging around for? oh yes! By the end of the day I gained several new additions for our home including the singer sewing machine which will be transformed into a table this weekend.

Was I prepared? NO. Visiting the auction was both exciting and satisfying. I have already marked the next one on my calendar. Will I be better prepared? YES. Last night topic of conversation included what to wear, the contents of our flask along with the mother of all pack-ups. If, like me, you have never attended a auction, you must GO...just don't forget your thermal undies, food and your bank card.

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